Hybrid Solar Wind Turbine And Solar Panel Hybrid Systems High Quality Small Wind-solar Hybrid Power Generation system/street Light System

Hybrid Solar Wind Turbine And Solar Panel Hybrid Systems High Quality Small Wind-solar Hybrid Power Generation system/street Light System
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Solar wind power system installed 

Photovoltaic power generation is based on the principle of the optical born v effect, using solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. Either independent or connected to the grid, photovoltaic power generation system is mainly composed of solar panels (components), controller and inverter of three parts, they are mainly made up of electronic components, does not involve the use of mechanical parts, so, photovoltaic power generation equipment is very fine, reliable, stable long life, easy installation and maintenance. In theory, photovoltaic power generation technology can be used for any occasions that we need the power supply to the spacecraft, down to the household power, big to megawatt power plant, small to toys, photovoltaic (pv) power supply Everywhere.


Solar wind turbine Advantage    


2、Location requirements for collecting solar energy is not high. In contrast, Hydro or wind power plants location requirements are relatively high.

3、Building solar power stations needed less time and lower cost than hydropower station.

4、The usage of solar energy will not cause environmental pollution.Solar energy is an ideal green energy. Raw material exploration and production process of photovoltaic products also will consume large amounts of energy and cause pollution.

5、Wide application range, even if normal family can also take advantage of solar power.

Solar wind turbine Feature

Solar energy is the only energy source to ensure future needs. Photovoltaic power generation solar photon to electron is a purely physical process, transformation does not emit any harmful substance, its characteristics are as follows: 

Adequacy: according to the US Department of energy report (April 2005), potential hydropower resources in the world 4.6TW (1TW=1012), economically recoverable resources are only 0.9TW; actual development of wind energy resources 2 to 4TW; biomass 3TW; Ocean energy less than 2TW; about 12TW geothermal energy;actual solar potential recoverable resource 120000TW 600TW.

Security: reliable, safe; strong, predictable power regularity (scheduling easier than wind power). 

Breadth: rich in means of production (second silicon content in the Earth's crust), building a vast (desert, buildings, etc), size is suitable.

Maintenance-free: long service life (20 ~ 50, 25 years of work efficiency by 20%),maintenance-free, unattended. Cleanliness: no fuel consumption, zero emissions, no noise, no pollution, energy recovery period is short (0.8 to 3 years). 


Solar energy engineering

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