High Quality Small Wind-solar Hybrid Power Generation system/street Light System

Product Details

Wind and photovoltaic hybrid power system
Areas of application:
Houses far away from the power grid
Shepherd and fishing boats
Remote monitoring and communication equipment
Mining and drilling operations
Motor homes or ocean shipping
Farms, pasture lands and vineyards
Vacation home, military camp, rescue team or scientific research team fieldwork

Wind and photovoltaic hybrid power system caters to the policy for greatly promoting and encouraging the use of new energy, opens up a new situation of "energy saving, consumption reduction, and emission reduction", and more sets up an iconic visual scene for the government to strongly advocate "green energy and green lighting". This conforms to the urban development demand, that is, build up "blue sky, clear water, green and clean environment" four aspects of major environmental protection infrastructure, and can also reduce energy consumption of per capita GDP, increase bright spots to establish a "ecologica civilization" and "circular economy" model city and can more improve the image and taste of green and environmental protection new city construction.

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