2kw Wind Turbine Generators

Product Details

Technical Data



Rated Power(w)


Max Power(w)


Rated Voltage(v)


Rated rotated speed(r/m)


Top net weight(kg)


Output Current


Start Torque(N*M):

0.78 Nm

Rated Torque(N*M):

31.8 Nm


3 phase permanent magnet synchronous   generator

Insulation Class:


Service Life:

More Than 20 years


HRB or for your order

Shaft Material


Shell Material

Aluminum alloy

Permanent Magnet Material

Rare Earth NdFeB


The equipment required for 2kw Wind Turbine Generators is called a wind turbine. Such a wind turbine can be divided into three parts: a wind turbine, a generator and an iron tower.

A wind wheel is an important part of converting wind kinetic energy into mechanical energy. It consists of two (or more) propeller-shaped impellers. When the wind blows toward the blade, the aerodynamic force on the blade drives the rotor to rotate. The material of the blade requires high strength and light weight, and is currently made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or other composite materials.

Since the speed of the wind wheel is relatively low, and the size and direction of the wind often changes, which in turn makes the speed unstable; therefore, before the generator is driven, a gear transmission that increases the speed to the rated speed of the generator must be added. A speed governing mechanism is added to stabilize the speed and then coupled to the generator. In order to keep the wind wheel always aligned with the wind direction to obtain maximum power, it is necessary to install a tail rudder similar to the wind vane behind the wind wheel.

The tower is the frame that supports the wind wheel, the rudder and the generator. It is generally constructed relatively high in order to obtain a larger and more uniform wind and to have sufficient strength. The height of the tower depends on the influence of the ground obstacle on the wind speed and the diameter of the wind wheel, which is generally in the range of 6-20 meters.

The function of the generator is to transfer the constant rotation speed obtained by the wind turbine to the power generation mechanism through the speed increase, thereby converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Generally speaking, the third-grade wind has the value of utilization. However, from an economical point of view, wind speeds greater than 4 meters per second are suitable for power generation. According to the measurement, a 55 kW wind turbine, when the wind speed is 9.5 meters per second, the output power of the unit is 55 kW; when the wind speed is 8 meters per second, the power is 38 kW; when the wind speed is 6 meters per second, only 16 kW; when the wind speed is 5 meters per second, it is only 9.5 kW. It can be seen that the greater the wind, the greater the economic benefits.


1. Clean and good environmental benefits;

2. Renewable, never exhausted;

3. The infrastructure period is short;

4. The installed scale is flexible.

2kw Wind Generator Turbine Sketch:


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