200W 12V Wind Turbine

200W 12V Wind Turbine
Product Details


•Brand Name: Titan

•Model Number: DS-200

•Type: Wind Power Generator

•generator power: 200W

•Wheel diameter: 1.12m

•turbine height: 1.1m

•Blades material: Casting aluminum alloy

•Number of blades: 9

•Rated wind speed: 11m/s

•Start-up wind turbine: 1.5m/s

•Survival wind turbine: 45m/s

•Output voltage: 12/24V

•Net Weight: 13.5kg


• 200W 12V Wind Turbine is not affected by wind direction, which is useful in areas where wind power is often changing rapidly. Unlike conventional horizontal axis wind turbines, no yaw mechanism is required to steer the wind turbine to the wind.

• Therefore, VAWT performs better than horizontal axis turbines in areas where high towers are not feasible

• VAWT is better able to collect turbulent airflow around buildings and other buildings.

• VAWT is ideal for rural and urban applications, including rooftop installations. Depending on the shape of the roof, the wind flow on the roof can be concentrated, increasing the energy output.

• Easy to install and maintain

• Quiet operation

• pleasant appearance