Vertical Axis Wind Generators With High Yield Efficiency

vertical axis wind generator features: Titan new energy scenery complementary street lamp is a kind of ideal independent solve road lighting power supply system. Rated power:100W Rated voltage:12/24V Net weight:28.5kg Rotor diameter:0.8m Start wind speed: 1.3m/s safe wind speed:45m/s

Product Details

vertical axis wind generator features: 

    1.Low starting wind speed, wind energy utilization, small volume and beautiful shape, low running vibration.

    2.Ease installation and using humanized design, equipment installation, maintenance and overhaul.

    3.Rotor baldes is aluminum alloy.

    4.Generator adopts the patent technology of permanent magent rotor ac generator, the stator with special design, effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, at the same time make wind turbines and generators have more good matching characteristic, the reliability of unit operation. 

Construction cost comparison:

    On the cost of building the traditional street lamp, the street part (light pole, lamp, light source) its cost is not high, and the main cost of traditional street lights in the transmission and distribution facilities (because every two kilometers to install a transformer, Plus the main line of high cost of cable), plus installation, maintenance management and operation, security and other costs, the overall cost of traditional street lamps also increased. Scenery complementary use of nature inexhaustible wind energy and solar energy, wind and solar street lights independent power supply, zero emissions operation, contains a huge economic benefits.

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