3KW/5KW Wind Driven Generator To Be Exported

3KW/5KW Wind Driven Generator To Be Exported
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Kw wind turbine features: 

Jiangsu Titan New Energy Technology Developmen Co;Ltd is a technology-oriented enterprises combined with the design, manufacture and sale of new energy production.

1.Selection of casing steel refined but become, light weight, beautiful shape, low vibration.

2.The increase of glass fiber reinforced plastic rotor blades, match with optimization of aerodynamic design and mechanism design, start wind speed  is low, high wind energy utilization coefficient, increase the power generating capacity.

3.Power generation using the patent technology of ndfeb permanent magnet alternator rotor, stator of special design, effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, at the same time make wind turbines and generators have more good matching characteristic, the reliability of unit operation.

4.Stern rudder adopts the design of automatic yaw, stronger ability to resist the typhoon, safe and reliable operation.

5.Selection of anticorrosive epoxy zinc-rich primer and polyurethane enamel, uv and acid rain resistance, salt fog.

6.Grease automatic filling machine, intelligent equipment more flexible operation, long service life.

7. Optional maximum power tracking intelligent controller, effectively regulate the current voltage.


The KW wind case



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