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Solar panels for home

Photovoltaic power generation is to convert sunlight directly into electricity using solar cells according to the principle of photovoltaic effect. In terms of either independent utilization or grid-connected power generation, a photovoltaic power generation system is mainly composed of solar panels (modules), controller and inverter, ad they are mainly made up of electronic components, not involving mechanical parts; hence, photovoltaic power generation equipment is very simple, reliable and stable, with long service life and easy installation and maintenance. In theory, photovoltaic power generation technology can be used for any occasions where  power supply is needed, including spacecraft, household power supply, megawatt power plant and toys. Photovoltaic power supply exists everywhere.

Industrial strengths:
1.Solar energy resources are rich but inexhaustible.
2.The requirement for geographical location where solar energy is used is not high; relatively, the requirement of hydropower station or wind power station for geographical location is much high.
3.There only is little maintenance to keep the system running, and the time and cost needed to build a solar power plant are lower than hydropower station.
4.Using solar energy will not cause environmental pollution, and it is an ideal green energy.
5.The applicable range is wide, and solar energy can also be used for average households to generate electricity.

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