Professional Distributed Solar Power generation grid-connected System/controller Types

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Solar distributed grid-connected/off-grid power generation system:

Solar system  solution:

An electricity generating system that converts solar radiation through solar PV modules into electric energy is known as photovoltaic power generation system, and the photovoltaic system connected with public power grid is called grid-connected photovoltaic power generation  system. The system is mainly composed of photovoltaic phalanx, grid-connected inverter, etc. Scope of application: it is widely used in the areas with much solar radiation, and solar grid-connected power generation is realized by importing the current generated from "photovoltaic effect" into the grid, available for urban grid-connected power generation, large-scale grid-connected power generation and micro-grid power generation.

Advantages of solar grid-connected power generation system:
(1) Power generated by use of clean, renewable natural energy solar energy is in line with the strategy of economic and social sustainable development.
(2) The generated power can be fed into the grid, and battery is not adopted with the grid as energy storage device, which may reduce 35% - 45% construction investment compared to independent solar photovoltaic system, thus greatly reducing power generation cost.
(3) Photovoltaic cell modules in perfect combination with buildings can generate power and can also be used as building materials and decoration materials, so that material resources are made full use of and give play to a variety of functions".
(4) Adopting the mode of distributed construction, local decentralized power supply is available.
(5) Where a solar energy grid-connected generation system exists under insufficient light, it can give play to peak shaving effect relying on the grid supplemented electricity.

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