High Quality Maglev Generator to Be Exported

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Maglev generator
1.With low start-up wind speed, it can be started in the breeze;
2.Suitable for all kinds of areas, it can also be normally used where the wind is small;
3.It will turn in vertical wind, without worrying about the wind direction;
4.Rotor blade is formed with aluminum alloy casting; along with the optimized aerodynamic shape design and structural design, the utilization coefficient of wind energy is high, which is easy to install and easy to transport;
5.The spindle is mounted with hoop, and mounting holes are reserved, convenient for installation and disassembly;
6.A magnetic suspension permanent magnet disc motor is adopted, without iron core, magnetic hysteresis and cogging effect, with low starting torque, no iron loss, high efficiency, compact structure and high volume to power ratio.

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