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Vertical Wind Turbines To Make Household Use What Are The Basic Components?

Dec 29, 2017

With the development of new energy industry, home of the wind turbine is accepted by more and more people, and the requirements of wind turbines with horizontal axis start wind speed is higher, it is hard to start generating at ordinary times, so vertical wind generator is more suitable for household, in addition to high wind speed, it can also start power under low wind speed.

Vertical wind turbines, to make a home should be prepared at least vertical wind turbines, generators, stents, battery, charge controller and inverter device, and other components. Household vertical wind generators can use wind turbines of wind resistance type C or airfoils, studies have shown that if will be twisted blades can to a certain extent, increase the output power of wind turbine.

In order to make the air flow can have greater thrust on blade and considering the modelling of the beautiful sex, family vertical wind turbine blade can be turn to top chord and bottom chord line is 90 ° included Angle, this design of two blade no matter how to wind direction, wind turbine at which location can be in an excellent position by wind.

And household in the vertical wind turbines suggest use the step motor instead of the traditional generator; And inverter device is set to, that is, to the battery dc into AC220 mains, to meet the requirements of the family actually used. As for the household production cost of vertical wind turbines, and the size of the power.

After reasonable design and comprehensive consideration, this kind of household vertical axis wind turbine has made unique, beautiful shape, small volume, light weight and other characteristics, can be installed on the top floor of a tall building or landscape area, as the city night at semiconductor lighting engineering of off-grid power supply system.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/