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Vertical Shaft Wind Driven Generator Improve The Economic Use Of Wind Power Equipment

Oct 27, 2017

Lifting wind turbines, people often think of three leaves of the Dutch windmill, usually known as the horizontal axis fan, is currently the most mature technology, occupy the mainstream market products.

Vertical Shaft Wind Driven Generator technology mainly includes wind turbine (blade) technology, generator and transmission technology, grid technology three parts, the latter two parts of the technology has matured, but because in the Vertical Shaft Wind Driven Generator design, the leaves in addition to the theoretical calculation of leaf, Design, but also rely on experience to calculate the value of the amendment. China from the late 1980s to enter the wind turbine industry, the development of technology can not keep up with the pace of development of the mainstream technology in the world, is still by the introduction, absorption, digestion round (blade) design technology.

China's horizontal axis fan technology development line is basically followed by foreign technology routes, and foreign wind power equipment suppliers in China and even in the world, the wind turbine and its components are applied for a patent. Once China's research and development, mass production and sales, it will involve the issue of intellectual property rights, wind power equipment industry, the future development of potential adverse effects.

What are the vertical wind turbine generators?

Vertical Shaft Wind Driven Generator is characterized by vertical axis and the ground, easy to install and easy to maintain, do not need the windward device, simplifying the structure. The vertical axis wind turbine can accept the wind in any direction of the 360 degree azimuth, and the spindle always rotates towards the design direction.

1. high security Using the vertical blade and triangular double fulcrum design, and the main force points concentrated in the vertical hub, so leaves off, broken and leaf flying out of the problem has been a better solution;

Noise The use of horizontal rotation and blade application aircraft wing design, making the noise reduced to the extent of the natural environment can not be measured;

3. Stronger wind resistance. Horizontal rotation and triangular double fulcrum design principle, making it subject to wind pressure is small, can withstand 45 meters per second super typhoon;

4. Rotation radius is small. Because of its design structure and operating principle, than other forms of wind power has a smaller radius of rotation, saving space, while improving the efficiency;

5. Low wind power generation high. The wind speed is lower than other forms of wind turbines, the increase in power generation is relatively flat, so in the range of 5 to 8 meters wind speed, its power generation than other types of wind turbines 10% to 30%

6. The use of a wide range of wind speed. Using a special control principle, so that it is suitable for operating wind speed range expanded to 2.5 ~ 25m / s, in the maximum use of wind resources at the same time to obtain a larger total power generation and improve the use of wind power equipment economy;

7. Brake device. Can be configured with manual and electronic automatic brake two, in the absence of typhoon and super gust area, just set the manual brake can be;

8. Operation and maintenance. The use of direct-drive permanent magnet generator, no gear box and steering mechanism, regular (usually every six months) on the operation of the connection can be checked.