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The Wind Power Industry Development

Feb 28, 2017

Emerging market of wind electric development quickly, in national policy support and energy supply tension of background Xia, China of wind electric especially wind electric equipment manufacturing also quickly rise, has became global wind electric most active of places; 2006 global wind electric funds in the 9% into has China, total up 1.62 billion euro; 2007, China wind electric capacity has ranking world fifth; as to 2010, China wind electric capacity has up 42287MW, leapt world first.

China huge of wind electric market and cheap of labor cost, attract has large abroad wind electric giant have in China set factory, or take and domestic enterprise joint venture of way, production of products are was posted Shang has China manufacturing of label, China manufacturing of wind electric equipment products occupy increasingly big of market share, wind machine products is experience a by global manufacturing to China manufacturing of change.