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The Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Unloading Device And Intelligent Variable Blade Design

Nov 08, 2017

In order to not affect the vertical axis wind turbine performance and life, on the basis of making the excess energy into electricity generated by wind power, we design a vertical axis wind wind electrical unloading device, as well as the blade is improved, the final effect is obvious. These two aspects is the know how to design?

The vertical axis wind turbines unloading device is actually a disc generator, it is installed on the top of the wind turbine, its internal also set a motor winding. And install the hollow rotor in the motor winding, hollow rotor hub inlaid magnetic steel plate, the hollow rotor and vertical axis wind turbine main shaft through the disc generator.

And vertical axis wind turbine main shaft top blade wheel, transverse magnetic coil installation base under the blade wheel, magnetic coil base equipped with magnetic coil, magnetic coil set below wheel sliding card, magnetic coil coating in the sliding card round top. Designed according to this way, you don't need to increase the load on vertical axis wind turbines, does not affect the performance and life of equipment, at the same time, the wind power produced by excess energy into electricity use, realize the improvement of the utilization rate of wind power.

At the same time, the vertical axis wind turbine blade after directly into the support intelligent variable blade, the blade thin-walled shell structure blade ontology is designed, and its inner cavity formed by foliar and closed after the shores. Will be in after the blade body centre of gravity is located in the shores, between leaf area and centroid axis with the alpha Angle of tilt forward; Located after the shores on either side of the leaf on the symmetric setting unloading area, there are respectively installed unloading plate, resistance and torsional spring, torsion spring etc.

In a new type of blade vertical axis wind turbines, equipped with multiple induction wind pressure sensor, electromagnetic switch, wind pressure sensors and other devices, through they can real-time adjust the vertical axis wind turbines suffered size, at the same time helps to prolong the life of generator.