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Solar Panels For Home Protect Their Rights And Interests From Damage

Jun 26, 2017

The Solar Panels For Home is the core of the photovoltaic system. The quality of the battery panels on the market is uneven, if there is no professional equipment and professional skills, how to distinguish the quality of Solar Panels For Homes is good or bad?

1 look color

In general, monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon panels, the appearance of color are blue, and more uniform light blue or sky blue. If the dark color of the battery, the color is different, then it is certainly not detailed workmanship.

2 look at the surface

The tempered glass surface of the panel should be smooth without foreign matter. Some small manufacturers in order to improve production speed, do not clean down the glass in the tempered glass surface. Silicone does not clean up if it will affect power generation efficiency.

3 look at the battery

The battery pads on the panels are all intact and cut through the whole. But the market a lot of informal manufacturers with broken battery chip splicing, composed of seemingly complete battery chip for welding. We look at the time to see if there are traces of cutting. This approach is very risky, the initial may not be very obvious, but the stitching of the battery chip later easy to disconnect again, affecting the use of the entire panel. Of course, this situation is difficult to find with the naked eye.

4 look back

Look at the pressure on the back of the pressure, there is no pressure after the formation of the situation, such as bubbles, folds and the like.

5 look at the border

As the Solar Panels For Home industry to enter the low threshold, many small manufacturers to use artificial way to fight the box, because the intensity of each hit the box is not uniform, playing a good contact with the box is not a close, the shape is not a strict rectangular, solid The degree is also greatly reduced. Now generally use aluminum alloy frame.

6 see silicone

Look around the back of the silicone is evenly distributed, whether tightly penetrate the backplane and the border of the gap.

Carefully observe the welding of the battery chip with or without leakage welding. At the same time also look under the battery chip arrangement is structured.

8 look at the junction box

Finally, look at the junction box is solid, the junction box cover is reliable, tightly attached to the junction box; see the line wire lock is free, can tighten.

9 look at the price

If these are difficult to distinguish these words. The safest option is price comparison. Domestic battery prices are volatile, although not absolute, but there will be a general range, if the manufacturers give the price is much lower than the market price, then we have to carefully distinguish. The last is the need for manufacturers to issue the appropriate battery plate certification documents, such as qualification documents.

In summary, the quality of Solar Panels For Homes to control more points, we have to judge from the nuances of good or bad quality. The above is just for the case of no professional equipment and professionals in the case of ordinary users how to judge the appearance of Solar Panels For Homes by the good or bad, but some quality problems can not rely on the naked eye, or to run for some time before it will appear, Only rely on professional means to be found in time. To protect their own interests are not damaged, please be sure to choose a professional inspection agency for inspection.

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