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Solar Distributed Grid-Connected/Off-Grid Power Generation System Widely Used And Important

Jul 06, 2017

Solar Distributed Grid-Connected/Off-Grid Power Generation System are suitable for areas where there is no grid-connected or grid-connected power, and off-grid PV systems are typically composed of solar modules, controllers, inverters, battery packs and stent systems. They generate DC power that can be supplied directly during the day or stored in a battery pack for power at night or on a cloudy or rainy day.

Off-grid PV systems are standalone solutions because they can be installed in most places and are easy to maintain locally. They are reliable, clean and cost effective alternative solutions for diesel generators.

The micro-grid system is an independent control unit that enables the integration of various types of power generation equipment, energy storage, load and control equipment to generate electricity or heat to the user. It can meet the diverse needs of users, the system capacity from tens of kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts or even megawatt.

The system can support a lot of loads, such as lighting,Solar Distributed Grid-Connected/Off-Grid Power Generation System desktop fans, color televisions, desktop computers, air conditioners and more. Such as refrigerators can be used around the clock is dependent on the system, the controller integrated solar charging circuit and inverter circuit and a microprocessor to protect the battery to prevent overcharge and over discharge, to protect the controller to avoid short circuit or reverse connection of solar panels Or battery and early warning due to lack of electricity.

The residential off-grid system can be installed on the roof or floor. According to the IEA survey, there are 14.56 million people living in the absence of electricity environment, of which 83% live in rural areas, which is the majority of off-grid system is applied in rural areas. It has a low cost clean renewable, reliable and convenient, easy to install and maintenance features, one-time investment can be exchanged for more than 25 years of power supply.

With the widespread use and importance of telecommunications in modern society, telecom infrastructure has been built between cities and cities. In order to find suitable sources of off-grid power supply, while minimizing energy costs and environmental impact,Solar Distributed Grid-Connected/Off-Grid Power Generation System the telecom industry is eager to look for solutions from the photovoltaic industry to replace ordinary power. The solar off-grid system provides solutions that can meet the needs of telecommunications. Off-site solar communication base station BTS can be installed lightly and will not take up too much land resources, and can immediately generate electricity. Off-site communication base station system with reliable power resources, adequate energy storage to prepare for contingencies; also has a clean and renewable, easy to maintain and so on, low-cost investment can get 25 years of power supply.

1. Off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation system

Off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation system in its own closed circuit system within the formation of the circuit through the solar cell will receive the solar radiation energy directly into the power supply load, and the excess energy through the charge controller after the chemical energy stored in the form In the battery. The grid-connected power generation system converts the received solar radiation energy into electric energy through the solar cell, and then becomes the high-voltage direct current after high-frequency DC conversion. After the inverter inverter, the grid is connected with the grid voltage and the same frequency Alternating current.

Solar photovoltaic power generation system scale and application in different forms, the system scale span is large, small to 0.3 ~ 2W solar garden lights, large to MW level solar photovoltaic power station. Its application forms are also varied, in the home, transportation, communications,Solar Distributed Grid-Connected/Off-Grid Power Generation System space and many other areas can be widely used. Although the size of photovoltaic power generation system varies, but its composition and working principle is basically the same. Off-grid solar photovoltaic photovoltaic system consists of solar cell array; battery; controller; DC / AC converter; electricity load composition. The off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation system is shown in Fig.

PV module square

In the solar photovoltaic power generation system is the most important solar cells, is the core components of the collection of sunlight. A large number of solar cells are combined together to form PV modules or solar modules. Solar cells are mainly divided into: crystalline silicon cells (including Monoc-Si, polysilicon Multi-Si,Solar Distributed Grid-Connected/Off-Grid Power Generation System ribbon silicon Ribbon / Sheetc-Si), amorphous silicon cells (a-Si), non-silicon batteries (including selenide Copper indium CIS, cadmium telluride CdTe).