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Small Wind Turbines Specific Applications And Development Trends

Nov 09, 2017

【 summary 】 small wind turbines, it is one of the wind turbine, and, in some areas or situations, it is very suitable, because that can be expected to use effect. So, want to see this kind of wind turbine, it is not difficult, and, in the use of operation, is also very simple and convenient.

What kind of wind turbines, small wind turbines can call? Varieties division will, in general, wind turbines, if power according to its size to make, so there is a small, medium, and large of the three. So, usually will power is not more than 10 kw wind generator, called small wind turbines.

However, it is important to note that in this range, also includes the following 1 kw micro wind generators. So, from the strict sense, the power of small wind turbines, for 1-10 kw.

1. Applications

Situation 1: enterprises, industrial parks and economic development zone;

Situation 2: some buildings or facilities, and public buildings and facilities;

Situation 3: shopping mall, hotel, office building etc. These commercial buildings;

Situation 4: residential area, residential buildings, residential buildings and plugging material;

Occasions 5: the villages and towns and rural areas;

Situation 6: remote pastoral areas and islands.

2. To institutional, speed regulation system and parking

Attune to the institutions: in small wind turbines, the adjustment to the agency, is for the wind turbine rear wing. However, when the wind speed increases, the response to rotor speed limit, because, if the rotor speed too fast, so, can damage other parts. In addition, on the power of generator, also should be limited, this can avoid some problems.

Speed regulating mechanism: usually adopts cornering type the impeller speed regulation method, but must carry on the artificial control of wind machine downtime, the wind speed is larger, and the battery is full of this case.

Parking organization: can be as the manual brake, or is used slant side down.

3. The technical parameters of AIR series of small wind turbines

Leaf blade diameter: 1.15 m

Weight: 5.85 kg

Size: 685 * 368 * 368 mm

Mounting bracket: 1.5 -inch 40 series of steel pipe, steel pipe diameter is to 48 mm

Starting wind speed: 3.58 m/s

Output voltage: 12 or 24 volts

4. The industry development trend

From the present research situation in the middle and small fan market, small and medium-sized fan market, still maintained a good momentum of growth, because the wind energy resource has huge potential, and, as the growth of the wind power market and the rise of emerging markets is expected in the future, medium and small wind turbines, there will be a large market demand.