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Permanent Magnet Generator Work Environment Adaptability

Jun 26, 2017

Permanent Magnet Generator This type of excitation generator has a dedicated DC generator, this dedicated DC generator called DC Exciter, Exciter is generally coaxial with the generator, the generator excitation winding through the shaft mounted on the slip ring And a fixed brush to obtain a direct current from the exciter.

This kind of excitation method has the advantages of independent excitation current, reliable operation and reduced consumption of self-use electricity. It is the main excitation method of generator in the past few decades, and has mature running experience. The disadvantage is that the excitation speed is slower, the maintenance workload is large, so in 10MW or more units rarely used.

Some large-capacity modern generators use AC exciter to provide excitation current. AC exciter is also installed in the generator shaft, it is the output of the AC current rectifier after the generator rotor excitation, this time, the generator excitation method is his excitation method, and because the use of static rectifier device, it is also known For his excitation static excitation, AC auxiliary exciter to provide excitation current.

The AC sub-exciter may be a permanent magnet or an alternator with a self-excited constant pressure device. In order to improve the excitation speed, AC exciter is usually used 100-200Hz Zener generator, and AC auxiliary exciter is used 400 - 500HZ of the intermediate frequency generator.

The generator's DC field windings and three-phase AC windings are wound around the stator slots. The rotor has only teeth and slots and no windings, like gears. Therefore, it does not have a brush, slip ring and other rotating contact parts, , Simple structure, convenient manufacturing process and so on. The disadvantage is that the noise is large, the harmonic potential of the AC potential is also larger.

Permanent Magnet Generator is a combination of modern materials science, electronic power science products. The Permanent Magnet Generator has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, small volume, light weight, small loss and high efficiency, so the Permanent Magnet Generator has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, Years of rapid development.

First, the structure is simple, high reliability

Permanent magnet generator eliminates the need for excitation generator rotor winding and other structures, to avoid the rotor winding easy to burn, broken and other failures, reliability greatly improved.

Second, small size, light weight, than the power

The use of permanent magnet rotor structure, so that the internal structure of the generator design is very compact, size, weight greatly reduced. Permanent magnet rotor structure is simple, but also to reduce the rotor inertia, practical speed increases, the specific power (ie, power, volume ratio) to a high value.

Third, medium and low speed generator performance is good

Power level of the same circumstances, the idle when the permanent magnet generator than the excitation generator output power twice as high.

Four, high efficiency

Permanent magnet generator is an energy-saving products, permanent magnet rotor structure eliminates the need to produce the rotor magnetic field required mechanical losses, making permanent magnet generator efficiency greatly improved.

Fifth, the use of self-starting regulator

No external excitation power supply, the generator can rotate as long as power generation.

Six, the work environment to adapt to strong

Permanent magnet generators are particularly suitable for harsh or dusty harsh environments, and the ability to adapt to the environment is strong.

Kang Fu series of Permanent Magnet Generator will be widely used in automobiles, ships, communications and other fields, as the mainstay of the domestic permanent magnet machine industry.

Innovation Kangfu, green future.