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People Are More Likely To Choose The Solar Outdoor Light

Dec 18, 2017

Outdoor is no more than indoor, environmental conditions are relatively complex, bad, so for outdoor use of lighting products also have higher requirements, solar outdoor lights are the ideal choice. Of course, people are more willing to choose the solar outdoor lamp than the ordinary outdoor light. Why?

First, because solar outdoor lamp has a long service life, its semiconductor chips may shine, but no filament and glass bulb, so not afraid of vibration, invulnerability to breakage and service life of up to fifty thousand hours, several times of the normal light.

Second, the light of solar outdoor lamp does not contain ultraviolet ray and infrared, do not produce radiation, more healthy. At the same time, there are no harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, which are good for recycling and utilization, and there will be no electromagnetic interference and green environmental features.

Since the solar outdoor lamp USES a direct-current drive, it does not produce stroboscopic, which can help protect the eyesight. And it has 90 percent of its electrical energy converted to visible light, resulting in small heat and high light efficiency; Plus the voltage and current is small, so there is no safety hazard.

Solar outdoor lamp can use low pressure, dc power supply, also can pass the battery, solar power supply, so very suitable for use in the remote mountain area and the field illume to wait for electric power, little electricity place. It also designs a unique LED lamp shade that enables solar outdoor lights to achieve a perfect combination of functionality and decoration.

The solar energy outdoor lamp battery protection electric cabin is also carefully designed, not only beautiful and generous, but also protects the various devices in the electrical cabin from man-made damage; The security of the lamp itself is enhanced by its unique anti-theft function.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/