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In 2016, China Clean Energy Consumption Increase

Feb 28, 2017

28th reporters from the National Energy Board was informed that, in 2016, China actively promote clean energy alternatives, it has become a hydro-electricity, wind power, solar power installed the world's first superpower. Total national energy consumption will be about 4.36 billion tons of standard coal, non-fossil energy consumption reached 13.3%, an increase of 1.3%.

In 2016, China's total energy production of about 3.43 billion tons of standard coal, down by about 5.1%. About 6,000,000,001,000 watts of total electricity consumption, around 5%. Power installed capacity reached 1.65 billion kW, capacity mix clean trend, proportion of non-fossil fuel generation capacity is 36.1%, an increase of 2%.

National Energy Board • Queen Noor bekri, the Secretary pointed out that 2016 transfer structure and promote transformation in China, further improvement in energy supply. Dissolving excess capacity excess coal completing tasks for the year, cancel the 12.4 million-kilowatt does not have the approval conditions of coal-fired power project. Steady green and clean utilization of coal, coal, electricity and energy-saving of over 200 million-kilowatt, ultra low emission improvement is larger than 100 million-kilowatt.