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How Efficient Are Vertical Wind Turbines For Wind Energy Conversion?

Jan 11, 2018

Wind energy is a kind of energy that is available to humans because of the work done by air flow. The kinetic energy of air flow is wind energy. In general, the higher the air velocity is, the greater the kinetic energy is. So how does an existing vertical wind turbine make use of wind energy?

The efficiency of vertical wind turbine should be the result of the multiplication of wind energy efficiency, generator efficiency and mechanical efficiency. According to the design theory of vertical wind turbine, wind turbine wind turbine has a very high conversion efficiency to wind energy in the ratio of wind speed and wind speed.

But for commonly used constant speed wind turbine rotating speed is constant, change in wind speed can't keep the ideal wind turbine speed and the ratio of wind speed, so the wind energy conversion efficiency cannot often stay at the best value; The vertical wind generator with constant speed can output constant frequency alternating current, which is easy to connect with the power grid.

The variable speed vertical wind generator can maintain the ideal ratio of speed and wind speed under different wind speeds, so the wind energy conversion efficiency is high, which contributes to the increase of power generation. However, the frequency of the output current is not stable, and the alternating current of the output constant frequency must be realized through the additional frequency conversion device so as to connect with the power grid.

Wind energy has rich, almost endless, widely distributed, clean, etc, so the vertical wind turbines are used in the large-scale wind farms to the national electrical grid and in the turbine to provide electricity in respective small isolated locations. Chess has been used by humans for thousands of years, and it has great potential for development as a new kind of pollution-free and renewable energy.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/