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Household Wind Power Generation System Of The Basic Composition And About The Price

Nov 28, 2017

Household wind power generation system as a kind of distributed power supply, it solves of the problem of rural and pastoral areas, mountains and other places the user demand, because it can be decorated with small modular, decentralized, near the users, and can achieve high efficiency, reliable power generation mode.

Someone or worry about the cost of such a system will be high, but in fact home wind power system because of the different power are different, the price of the price range from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, domestic like 1 kw in 7000 ~ 13000 yuan or so commonly, belongs to the ability to withstand range

Household wind power generation system can be divided into a stern rudder simple type rudder and one type two kinds, the former of the motor shaft and the support frame is installed vertically, so can only rely on stern rudder to adapt to the wind, when the wind changes can also be in order to achieve the purpose of power generation. This kind of family characteristics of wind power generation system is of simple structure, small size, easy to use, installation and low cost and high efficiency.

Type rudder and one household wind power generation system can be available from all directions of the wind, with the wind after the advantages of smaller. Except a koala rudder difference between the two families of wind power system also includes the wind turbines, generators, tower, security agencies of speed energy storage device and components such as inverters. The generator again by the nose, swivel, tail, leaf etc.

For domestic wind power generation system, the blade is mainly used to accept the wind and through the nose into electrical energy; And the setting of the tail can make the blade always toward to the direction of the wind to get the biggest wind power; Swivel can turns head flexibly in order to realize the tail to adjust direction; The nose of the rotor is a permanent magnet, stator winding cutting lines to generate electricity.