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Horizontal Shaft Wind Driven Generator Is Conducive To The Promotion And Application

Aug 04, 2017

Horizontal Shaft Wind Driven Generator blades are currently made of composite materials. Because the composite material has the characteristics of light weight and high strength ratio, the wind turbine blade can bear the bigger aerodynamic load. the characteristics of the laying fiber direction on the blade root, the airfoil transition region and the airfoil area strength performance were studied. The results show that the 45 ° laying fiber direction exhibits the optimal intensity in the vicinity of the geometric mutation performance. In order to improve the thickness of the first layer of the blade, the relative displacement of the blade is also reduced by a few sets of laying scheme. ZHAO Xu The finite element method and the laminated plate model were used to analyze the fan blades under aerostatic force, centrifugal force and gravity load. The results showed that the fiber had the highest strength, the deformation and failure factors were the smallest along the tangential pavement The worst intensity.

Wind turbine speed is low,Horizontal Shaft Wind Driven Generator small wind turbine speed per minute up to hundreds of turn, large and medium-sized wind turbine speed of about ten minutes per minute or even a dozen turn, in the "cabin equipment and tower" section introduced with the gear box by Speed to drive the generator. But the gear box will reduce the efficiency of the wind turbine, the gear box is wearing parts, especially high-power high-speed gear box wear and tear, in the wind turbine overhead environment are more difficult to maintain.

A low-speed generator specially designed for wind turbine design can be driven directly by a wind wheel, which is a multi-pole generator and is energized with permanent magnets. Several direct-drive wind generators are introduced in the "Direct-drive wind turbines" section. This section describes the layout of its cabin equipment on a direct-drive wind turbine model. This model refers to some typical direct-drive wind turbine product picture drawing, the picture is only the main equipment installation layout diagram.

Direct drive wind turbine without gear box, so the main equipment is the engine cabin, and direct drive generators due to a large number of poles, larger diameter. The model uses the standard inner rotor structure, which is the internal rotor direct drive wind turbine, is the radial air gap flux. In the stator core embedded with three-phase winding, the generator is fixed in the frame of the rack. Figure 1 shows the infrastructure in the cabin, the chassis used to install the generator through the yaw bearing installed in the tower,Horizontal Shaft Wind Driven Generator the base through the yaw motor to promote rotation. There are racks on the base for fixing the stator of the generator. There are shafts for the generator rotor and the rotor.

In the current wind turbines, direct-drive wind turbines are increasingly used in small and medium-sized wind turbines (including vertical axis wind turbines) have applications, the world's largest Horizontal Shaft Wind Driven Generator is straight Driving.

In order to improve the efficiency of wind turbines, direct-drive wind turbines are used in the variable speed mode, through the pitch to adjust the speed to get the maximum wind energy utilization factor. But the ever-changing speed of the generator makes the frequency of alternating current issued constantly,Horizontal Shaft Wind Driven Generator in order to make the power input to the power grid, you must output a stable 50Hz AC, which requires AC - DC converter to the generator output power is converted to stable Of the 50Hz AC.

Since the converter must convert all the electrical energy output from the generator, the capacity of the converter must be greater than the power of the generator, called the full power converter. Full-power converter is very expensive, which is one of the shortcomings of direct-drive wind turbines, and better now high-voltage high-power device prices gradually reduced, is conducive to direct-drive wind turbine applications.