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Horizontal-axis Wind Turbine Generator Advantage

Feb 28, 2017

1. wind wheel is simple in structure, hub of mature plasma structures, without complex mechanical devices, maintenance-free, the failure rate is very low.

2. General GB of all parts and accessories can be purchased around the world.

3. three-phase transmission slip rings electric, no twisted cables.

4. no rigid rotating shaft drive, only use conventional bearings, this structure can be caused by unstable flow jitter and vibration comfortably off, will help improve wind turbine life.

5. the generator efficiency 90%, wind energy utilization factor 42%.

6. the unique way of simple control, automatic wind, effectively improve the efficiency of wind turbines; full use of aerodynamic design, making wind generator out of wind speed will automatically wind deflected 90 degrees, completely positive upwind, ensure the safety of wind generators run on wind speed.