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Correctly Distinguishing Upwind And Leeward Wind Turbines And Their Advantages

Nov 07, 2017

Did not care about, the original wind generator can also be divided into upper and under two different structure, these two kinds of wind generator must have different emphases, but compared to what kind of wind turbine generator is better?


After careful comparison, between the upwind type wind generator and wind type wind power generator is the most obvious difference is that the wind wheel blade and wind turbine tower, the wind direction is mainly relative to the. In general, the wind turbine in the front of the tower is an upwind wind turbine, and the wind turbine behind the tower is a wind turbine.


At present, some of the large wind turbines are wind type, is designed such a structure, is not to be in the wind fan and other components, wind energy utilization efficiency is high, power generation can thus be further improved.


Because of the wind will be affected by the front tower, the wind turbine has lost part of the wind, and the stability of the wind will also become worse. It has an adverse effect on the unit. But now some small wind turbines on this type of use, but also because the little effect of tower shadow of wind machine.


Because the wind turbine can change the wind direction automatically according to the change of the wind direction, in a way, it is more helpful to save the control cost. It can be seen that both wind turbines and wind turbines have their own advantages, but still need to use different types of wind turbines according to the actual electricity demand.