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Application Advantages And Structural Characteristics Of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Nov 14, 2017

Comparison about the subject of wind turbines, people or the vertical axis wind turbines, classification and structure in terms of equipment, it has a special performance, and the vertical axis wind turbine is relying on these to make wind power technology to get more progress.

From classification, vertical axis wind turbine consists of drag and lift, drag type vertical axis wind turbine is mainly using the air flow resistance as a driving force, the vane of lift type is using air through the vane of the lift force as the driving force.

Due to the blade in the process of rotation, with the increase of rotational speed resistance decrease sharply, while lift instead will increase, so the lift type vertical axis wind turbine efficiency is much higher than the resistance type, user is also more at ordinary times the choice of the vertical axis wind turbines.

Since the vertical axis wind generator does not need to be in the wind, any wind can generate electricity, thus saving the wind selection to the device to simplify the structure design; At the same time it has no gyro force, which would be more conducive to the safe operation of the unit and to generate electricity. Compared with the traditional wind turbine, the tower frame of the vertical shaft wind turbine is shorter, and the generator transmission and deceleration brake are all in the lower part of the unit, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

At the same time, the blade shape of the vertical axis wind turbine is strong and can be made into various shapes. And the area can be increased appropriately for other functions. The unique design not only reduces the cost of the vertical shaft wind generator, but also makes it easy to slow down and stop operation when strong and strong wind, and the effect is better.