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Working condition of 100 w small wind generator

Jun 30, 2018

100 w small wind turbines should be generally used in wind resource rich region, so as to make full use of local wind resources, maximize the efficiency of wind turbines, to achieve higher economic benefits. However, in areas with abundant wind resources, the fan rated design wind speed and the best local design wind speed to match the model.

At present, 100 w small wind turbines use batteries for energy storage, and domestic appliances are powered by batteries. Therefore, the general principle when using electricity is that the battery can be supplied by the wind generator in time after discharging. That is to say, the charge into the battery is roughly the same as the charge used by the appliance.

In fact, due to the variability and intermittent nature of the wind, the wind varies in both size and duration. Therefore, when using electric appliances, it is necessary to use more electricity when the wind is good and less when the wind is bad, so that a 100 w small wind generator can play a greater role.

Except for family use 100 w small wind turbines can also be widely used in fishing boats, scenery complementary monitoring, scenery complementary street lamps, outdoor monitoring, etc, can supply all kinds of equipment.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/