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Wind turbines check maintenance and yaw implementation

Sep 21, 2017

Compared with some other work in the interior of machinery and equipment, wind power generator does appear to be a bad working environment of a lot, because it is a kind of outdoor equipment operation, so also are likely to encounter a variety of complex weather conditions, must be regular inspection and maintenance of wind turbines, to maintain normal operation of the system.

Inspection and maintenance of wind turbines matters, though not very complex, but also needs careful careful treatment, the first thing to check is wind turbine tower, to ensure its good stability; At the same time, you can't forget the tightness of the steel cables on the tower. You should also check whether it is too loose or too tight or it will need to be adjusted in time, especially after early installation and high wind.

Second is to check each component of a wind turbine reliability and connecting cables between them is damaged, all wiring points are loose rust, on the premise of ensuring the security of the parts must be wind turbine electrical safety. And, of course, the battery check, the focus is to keep the wind turbine of battery electrolyte level, if there is a reduction in time to add, please refer to the specific method battery operating instructions.


If obvious feeling which always comes before a storm or other inclement weather, in order to avoid unexpected losses, suggest or down wind turbine tower, lest cause unnecessary loss. Such inspections are carried out on a regular basis, basically every three months.

Mastered the inspection of wind turbine key after maintenance, also know it is how to realize the yaw, usually by the wind instrument and anemometer wind direction and speed detection, and then by the controller sends a signal to drive motor. Yaw wind turbines that will use a mechanical way, is the direct the wind generator axis deviates from the poling center distance, at the same time tail rod and poling a point of view, so the wind under the condition of small tail rods will make the wind fan under gravity, and the wind vane of large deflection torque is greater than the tail rod torsion moment of gravity generated, so that the wind turbine yaw.