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Wind Turbine R & D Achievements - Aerial Kite Wind Generators

Sep 15, 2017

With the progress of society as a whole, wind energy has gradually developed into a major alternative energy, wind power is a more typical form of application, in a wide range of promotion. However, the traditional wind turbine by the site and the wind direction and other factors have a greater impact, there are many shortcomings. In order to overcome these shortcomings, how did wind turbines change?

After continuous research, the company developed a high-altitude kite wind turbine, from its structure, mainly by the high-altitude towing kite and ground power generation equipment composed of two parts. It is only necessary to connect the towed kite to the ground wind turbine and to control the direction and path of the kite rotation by the aerial sensor mounted on the power plant to maximize the wind turbine rotation and power generation.


Compared with conventional wind power, this novel wind turbine has an unparalleled advantage that the wind turbine can not only obtain steady wind energy from its height, but also with the increase in the height of the kite flight The average wind speed is also greater, thus greatly improving the efficiency of power generation.

The improved wind turbine not only has the advantage of high power generation efficiency, but also occupies the space and area is also very small. In other words, under the premise of the same power generation capacity, high-altitude kite wind turbine occupies more space than the traditional wind turbine much smaller, which to a certain extent, reduce the cost of production equipment.

But at present this advanced wind turbine is also in the testing stage, the relevant standard operating procedures are also being developed, need to be further improved. If you can really make the model and put into trial, then after the success of the entire wind turbine industry is also a major breakthrough.