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Wind turbine installation requirements

Sep 07, 2017

The industry should be more clear in the actual application of wind turbines in the process, whether it is wind speed changes, or the wind has changed, will have its power generation have different degrees of impact. In general, the higher the tower, the greater the wind speed, the higher the smoothness of the air flow, then the wind power generation capacity of the more substantial.

From this point of view, we must ensure that the installation of wind turbines is correct and reasonable, otherwise it may not reach the expected amount of electricity generation. Of course, at the time of installation, each time you need to consider the situation is different, so the installation time, we also need to consider the actual situation.

However, it must be noted that in the installation of wind turbines, should be fully taken into account the height of the tower, the battery distance and local planning requirements. In addition, it should be noted that the local construction situation to trees and other objects. Here we come together to understand the specific content, hoping to help everyone.

First of all, in the choice of installation site, it should ensure that the wind turbine installation range of 100 meters within the center as far as possible not including obstacles. Here it is advisable to best control the minimum tower height at eight meters. In addition, between two adjacent fans, at least eight times the distance of the rotor diameter should be maintained.

Secondly, in the choice of wind turbine installation site, but also need to avoid turbulence. Under normal circumstances, should choose the annual average wind speed larger area, and has a more stable wind direction, and the wind speed of the daily changes and seasonal changes in the smaller. This is mainly to protect the more stable power generation.

In short, when installing a wind turbine, be sure to choose a more appropriate location, the general requirements will be within the height of the fan range of wind speed shear is relatively small. And in the installation process, should ensure that the wind turbine blades shall not rotate.