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Why use a permanent magnet 1000 w wind turbine

Jul 30, 2019

At present, most of the 1000 w wind turbines are not directly connected to the wind wheels, but are connected by variable speed gears. This mechanical device not only reduces the efficiency of the system, increases the cost of the system, but also is prone to failure, which is urgently needed for wind power generation. Bottleneck problem. The direct-drive wind turbine can be directly connected to the wind turbine, which increases the stability of the system and increases the size, design and manufacture of the motor and the difficulty of control. 

The direct-drive wind power generation system uses a wind turbine to directly drive a multi-pole low-speed permanent magnet synchronous generator to generate electricity. The power conversion circuit converts the electric energy into the power grid. Compared with the doubly-fed power generation system, the direct-drive generator uses more The pole pair number makes the generator stator voltage output frequency still high at low speed, it can work at the rated level of the motor, and its stator output voltage is connected to the grid through the converter, the stator frequency Changes do not affect the grid frequency.