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Why is the vertical axis wind turbine set the mainstream of the future?

Oct 06, 2018

After years of development, wind turbines have formed two horizontal and vertical axis power generation modes. The horizontal axis wind power generation is mainly simple in structure and relatively high in efficiency, but requires wind-driven devices, and the generators are placed at the top of the tower. Maintenance costs are relatively high, so the future should be mostly vertical wind turbines.


The vertical wind turbine system is installed under the tower, and the overall center of gravity is low, which makes it easier to adapt to complex environments and large-scale. After all, installation and maintenance are convenient. And its blades rotate in a simple cylindrical shape, theoretically able to accept wind energy in all directions, without the wind device, the power generation should be higher.


Compared with other wind turbines, vertical wind turbines have low noise. Generally, they can generate electricity when they are more than ten revolutions. 200 rpm is already rated speed. Generally, the wind speed can be generated in the range of 1-28 m/s, and the speed is low. It will affect the ecology and not use lubricants.


The vertical wind turbine has a small radius of rotation, which saves more space and can accommodate more equipment. Colleagues, its wind resistance is very small, and it can work under a typhoon of 50 m / s. The output curve of the generator is relatively hard. In the range of wind speeds of 5-9 m/s, the output power is about 20% higher than the horizontal axis.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/