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Why do small home wind turbines design tail fins?

Dec 29, 2018

If we look closely at the small household wind turbine, we will find that there is a tail on the equipment. In fact, the tail of the small household wind turbine can adjust the direction. When the direction of the sweep surface of the impeller of the fan is incorrect, it will lead to The airflow speeds on both sides of the rudder are inconsistent and the pressure will vary.


Large wind turbines cannot use this method because the mass of the mainframe is quite large. If the differential pressure is used to turn, the area of the tail rudder is unacceptably large. The actual use of the motor drag steering makes the impeller The face is always perpendicular to the wind direction. According to the trigonometric function of energy loss, when perpendicular to the wind direction, the angle between the impeller and the wind direction is 1 without loss, and the wind energy can be converted into the rotational kinetic energy of the wind turbine to the maximum extent.


In addition, there is no tail on a large wind turbine because it is too heavy and cannot be rotated freely. The link between a large wind turbine and a tower is typically linked by a large roller bearing or slider-ring gear. The rotation of the nacelle is controlled by a yaw drive (ie motor + gearbox).www.titanwindturbine.com