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Why are vertical axis wind turbines more suitable for industrial use?

May 24, 2018

The value of wind as a clean renewable energy source is profound, and the future of wind power is limitless. The commonly used wind generator sets have horizontal axis and vertical axis. Although the majority of the current domestic use is horizontal shaft generator set, but the vertical axis wind power generation unit will be more suitable for use in industry. Why do you say that?

First, because the vertical axis wind turbine at work time won't give out noise, its wind turbines in the teens turn can generate electricity, there would be no noise, but other forms of the noise of the wind turbine is very unbearable, will cause serious environmental pollution.

The second is the safety of the vertical axis wind turbine is high, when it is working speed is very low, won't harm the birds, and because they do not need lubricating oil, so there will be no leakage problem, also won't pollution grass or reserves.

At the same time, the vertical axis wind turbine can effectively resist wind power, which is far above the horizontal axis wind turbine. It has a small operating radius and can effectively save the use of the site at work. And the vertical axis wind turbine is very robust in the output characteristic curve, and its output power is much higher than that of other generators.

Thus, the vertical axis wind turbine performance is superior to the important characteristics of a horizontal shaft generator is easy to maintain, because of the vertical can work on the ground, convenient to maintain very simple; The maintenance of horizontal axis is very expensive, and it is inconvenient to maintain.

In addition, the vertical axis wind turbine will also depend on another point is suitable for industry, is that it does not need to install the device to the wind, no matter which direction to blow the wind, can make the impeller is rapidly running, so as to improve the capacity of the vertical axis wind turbine.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/