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Why 2000 w wind turbines turn faster at night than during the day

Jul 13, 2018

By 2000 w wind turbines and solar photovoltaic panels composed of scenery complementary off-grid power supply system, obviously can feel it, even the same wind speed, 2000 w wind turbines at night than during the day the sun turn faster, what reason is this?

Therefore in the off-grid type scenery complementary power supply system, solar photovoltaic panels is relatively stable in the power voltage, system nominal voltage higher than that of 50%, the controller is just a kind of protection, and 2000 w random wind generator voltage and power generation by wind speed, after the controller output voltage is determined by the battery voltage.

It is because of this, 2000 w wind generator so in the process of charging battery mainly in high voltage solar priority, if the battery capacity of more than 80% ~ 85% or more, the battery into the state of floating, fan controller on the brake.

And solar panels to night no battery, electrical equipment for battery discharge, the electricity generated by wind generator controller can be directly consumed or stored in the storage battery, so 2000 w under the condition of wind turbines can work normally, will feel the fan at night than during the day go faster.