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Which devices can be powered by a 200w small wind turbine

May 08, 2019

Wind power generation is a mature and cheap power resource. The 200W small wind turbine consists of three permanent magnet generators, a steering rotor, a fan blade, a wind direction control rudder, a bracket, and a cable. When the wind drives the 200w small wind turbine blade to rotate, the generated three-phase low-voltage AC power is converted into DC power to charge and store the battery through a dedicated control circuit.


When used, 220v AC is generated by the inverter power supply, which is as convenient as using the grid power supply. It does not cost money to invest in long-term electricity. A 200w small wind turbine can meet the needs of a household color TV, vcd, satellite receiver, electric fan, lighting, etc. If a fan with more power is configured, it can also meet the needs of large appliances such as refrigerators and small pumps.


The 200w small wind turbine is an ideal power source for grass-free, islands, mountains, farms, forest farms, fishing boats and other areas without electricity or power outages. 200w small wind turbines are recommended to support 12v100ah batteries. In addition to batteries, including generators, tails, tail rudders, blades, blades, flanges, hoods, bases, wire ropes, cables, Brackets, charge controllers and inverters and complete equipment.www.titanwindturbine.com