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Which areas are micro-vertical axis wind turbines effective?

Oct 08, 2017

Compared to common wind turbines, micro vertical axis wind turbine is more obvious characteristics is small size, small power, but as a result of the past function of electronic equipment is big, usually in the kw, so the micro wind turbines was first launched no comes in.

But it is now completely different, with the progress of technology, electronic devices have significantly lower power consumption, vertical axis wind turbines levels from kilowatt to tile to milliwatts, miniature vertical axis wind turbine also finally have the opportunity of development.


Compared with the large and medium-sized wind turbine, the micro mechanical structure of the vertical axis wind turbines may be omitted speed regulating device, is analyzed.studying device, increase gear, etc., thus a more simple structure can do; In the circuit, the unloading resistance can be omitted.

At present, the miniature vertical axis wind turbine has been widely used in highways and high-speed railways, while cars and the train speed through, will drive the air flow around a high-speed exercise, if on the road to install a series of miniature vertical axis wind turbines, so you can put this part of energy use.

In addition, miniature vertical axis wind turbines can be widely used in lighting, communication base stations, portable power generation devices and other fields. For example, it can be combined with solar panels to form a landscape complementary system to be applied to the roof navigation lights. It can also be used as mobile signal source, microwave base station, outdoor portable power generation device and tunnel lighting.