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What types of mainstream wind turbine structure?

Sep 05, 2017

After years of development and progress, wind turbines are no longer just as simple as the introduction of the time, whether it is its structural or functional characteristics, are more perfect and diversified. So what is the current, common wind turbine shape structure which several?

One is the standard three-leaf wind turbine, the beginning of the development of equipment is the use of this mechanical structure, the development of wind turbines is still the mainstream shape. The other is a vertical axis wind turbine, it is clear that such equipment is not only bulky, but also many other wind turbine unparalleled superiority, such as low cost, easy maintenance and no noise pollution, output power stability Wait.

Wind power flow chart.png

In addition, but also to recommend to you is another wind turbine shape structure, that is, spiral motion wind turbine, which is based on the mechanics of spiral motion design, equipment design power of 10MW The

From the appearance point of view, this wind turbine only two wing fins, than the traditional wind turbine to reduce a wing wing. But the difference is that the two wing wings can be rotated around the bearings in the wind turbine, and the rotation process is like a spiral movement, hence the name.

In this distinctive wind turbine, the two wing fins are distributed in the V-shape on the central axis and are fitted with rigid sails at both ends. When the wind blows from the wind turbine, the rigid sails catch the wind and then rotate the wing wings and make the wing wings rise along the central axis, driving the generator. 

Under normal conditions, the wing wing of the helical motion wind turbine can rotate three times per minute around the center axis. On this basis, the wind power can produce 10MW of electricity, and the power generation is very impressive.