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What protection does the operation of 300 w wind generator need?

Apr 14, 2018

In order to ensure the safety of the 300 w wind turbines run, need to set up perfect protection measures, make 300 w wind generator under various circumstances are not to take off the net, at the same time can also be normal power, to meet the user's demand. So what is the protection of 300 w wind turbines?

First of all, the 300 w wind generator needs the protection of the frequency, which is mainly used to remove the fan quickly when the frequency fluctuates greatly. As a result of the power grid frequency fluctuation will cause harm the normal running of the fan, fan limit is higher than that of the frequency of power grid, the limit protection action immediately remove fan, protect 300 w wind turbines from impact.

Secondly, 300 w wind turbines need reliable current protection. Generally, the wind opportunity is equipped with current protection and overcurrent protection to protect the current. In addition, the wind power unit is equipped with three phase current, voltage unbalance protection, fan temperature rise, speed rise, vibration exceeding limit and cable twisting and other related protection.

For different types of wind turbines, the required, may be there is a difference between the protection of the fan, with variable speed constant frequency converter are widespread used for vector decoupling control, it can also effective protection for wind turbines.

At present, basically all wind farms is doubly-fed induction generator, the doubly-fed type in the implementation of the parallel operation of wind power generator, the stator voltage is 690 v ac, failure occurs when the power grid, power grid will reduce the machine end, under the circumstances of the stator flux linkage cannot keep synchronization with the input voltage of the machine, do not change, in order to ensure the stator chain will take relevant measures to the overvoltage and overcurrent protection.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/