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What methods can enhance the reliability of wind turbines?

Sep 06, 2017

From the work to consider, the wind turbine performance more stable and reliable, then the use will be able to achieve the desired effect. So, do you know what way to help us to improve the reliability of wind turbines? In general, in fact, from four aspects to start, the following to introduce the specific content, hope to help.


The first aspect is that the technical staff should be strengthened. In other words, in the day-to-day work, training should be carried out on a regular basis so that the technician can fully grasp the theoretical knowledge and can also help them to better understand the importance of reliability for the operation and development of wind turbines The Of course, the premise is that we should first set up a reliable team of engineers.

The second aspect is that the design level should be strengthened, making the performance of wind turbines more stable and reliable. In fact, in the early stages of design, reliability is a key issue that engineers need to consider. In the design of the time, not only concerned about the design concept for the impact of reliability, but also should use some of the Russian auxiliary tools to test the reliability of the product, thereby improving its reliability.

The third aspect is that we should strengthen the management of reliability testing of wind turbine products. Which in the production of various components, should be in accordance with the requirements of conventional performance testing. This is mainly to ensure the reliability of accessories. In the process of testing, should be given the appropriate report, and then to analyze and correct, and gradually improve the level of reliability testing.

The last aspect is that the monitoring system can be used to monitor the operating status of wind turbines in real time. So that we can early detection of early warning signs of emergency. This will not only avoid some accidents, but also in time for equipment maintenance, to ensure system reliability.