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What materials are used for the blades of small wind turbines

Mar 09, 2019

The small wind turbine includes components such as a wind wheel, a generator, a rotating body, a speed governing mechanism, a steering mechanism, a brake mechanism, and a tower. The wind turbine is mainly introduced. The wind turbine of a small wind turbine is composed of 1-4 blades and a hub. Its function is to convert wind energy into mechanical energy. It is a component of wind turbines that absorb energy from the wind.


There are many types of blades for small wind turbines. One is solid wooden blades. These blades are carefully machined from high-quality wood. The surface can be covered with a layer of fiberglass or other composite materials to prevent rain and dust. The erosion of wood can also improve the performance of the blade.


Some of the wooden blade's airfoil trailing edge is partially filled with a lightweight foam and the surface is covered with fiberglass. The advantage of using foam plastic not only reduces the weight, but also moves the center of gravity of the airfoil forward, which can reduce the bad vibration generated when the blade rotates.


In order to reduce the weight of the blade, some small wind turbine blades use a metal pipe as the force beam, and the honeycomb structure, foam plastic, balsa wood or other materials are used as the intermediate filler, and a layer of glass fiber is placed on the outer surface of the blade. In order to achieve a more economical effect, some small wind turbines are made of pipe beams and fiberglass skins with aerodynamic shapes. The fiberglass skin is thicker and has a certain strength, and at the same time, some foam ribs can be bonded in the fiberglass skin.www.titanwindturbine.com