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What kind of wing type is the blade of 300 w small wind turbine?

May 09, 2018

The blade profile of a 300 w small wind turbine is the same as a conventional wind turbine, with a three-leaf blade, so the Angle between the blades is 120 degrees. Under the action of wind energy, 300 w small wind turbine starts to run parallel to a certain blade, driving its forward rotation, and its driving force is gradually obvious.

In after the blade Angle 60 °, the movement direction of the blade and the wind direction gradually converge, wind effect weakened gradually. At this point, the Angle between the wind and the next blade is 0 degrees, and the wind will continue to work on the next blade.

But if the 300 w small wind turbines three-blade change into four vane, between the blade Angle is 90 °. Wind and a blade to process 90 - degree Angle when the work, and the leaf Angle range between 0 ° Angle. The wind is still working on the first blade, and the second blade will also work. If the wind was different then it would cause a leaf to push forward, while the other would have a pause. In this way, it is not only harmful to the wind power generation, but also the loss device.

And if only two under 300 w small wind turbines, wind blowing continuous force would have succeeded without a walk, and not another blade and then go ahead, the wind blowing, the power generation device not be good. In general, the interaction between the four blades is relatively large, reducing the efficiency. The effect of the two blades is also obvious and undesirable.

In other words, only three blades are ideal for a 300 w small wind turbine, two of which are derived and one of the blades ACTS as a barrier. The blades are not straight, but have a radian, and are designed to hold the wind in a favorable moment.

In the process of 300 w small wind turbines, the wind turns into the kinetic energy of the blades and the potential energy of the blades, and the kinetic energy and potential energy of the blades turn into electrical energy, regardless of friction. And, of course, you have to think about the problem of the arm, which is different depending on the radius of the blades.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/