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What kind of generators are used for a small wind turbine of 1000 w?

Jul 23, 2018

The 1000 w small wind turbines can be either dc or ac generators, but most are currently three-phase alternators. Due to the different forms of magnetic field generation, three-phase ac generators have permanent magnet type and excitation type, and all the three-phase ac power generated by them should be output dc power after rectifier diode rectifier. For ease of installation and maintenance, many small wind turbines of 1000 w now use ac generators to install rectifier in the controller.

Compared with dc generator, ac generator of 1000 w small wind generator has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple structure and good performance of low-speed power generation. In particular, the interference to the surrounding radio equipment is much smaller than the dc generator, so it is suitable for the use of 1000 w small wind turbines.

The ac generator in the 1000w small wind turbine consists of rotor, stator, housing and silicon rectifier. Among them, the rotor is made into a canine staggered magnetic pole, which is made of permanent magnet. The stator consists of an iron core and a stator coil. The core is made of silicon steel sheet. There are three sets of coils in the core slot, which are connected according to the star method.

The housing of a small wind turbine alternator of 1000 w is made of metal, including the housing and front and rear end covers. The rectifier consists of six silicon rectifier diodes which form a bridge full wave rectifier circuit. Its function is to convert the three-phase ac to dc, which can be conveniently stored in the battery, simplifying the circuit, improving reliability and reducing cost.