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What is the special structure of the 100 w wind turbine?

Dec 30, 2018

For a 100-w wind turbine, the horizontal axis-type rotor is also parallel to the wind direction of the generator shaft, which is superior to the vertical-axis rotor generator; and the structural parts are also the same, also by the wind wheel, the speed-increasing gear box, Generator, yaw device, control system, tower and other components.


The low-speed rotating wind wheel is increased by the speed-increasing gearbox through the transmission system, and the power is transmitted to the 100-w wind power generator, so that the wind energy is converted into mechanical energy, and the entire nacelle is lifted by the tower. Since the wind direction is variable, in order to effectively utilize Wind energy, also equipped with windward wind, can be controlled by the wind direction sensor, the yaw motor is controlled by the controller, and the pinion gear that meshes with the large gear on the tower is driven to rotate, so that the cabin always faces the wind.


Most low-power wind turbines have a constant speed, and the same is true for 100-w wind turbines. However, with the development and use of high-power wind turbines for marine use, the speed of wind turbines is no longer constant, and the speed of the blades is also due to the blades. Increase and increase.www.titanwindturbine.com