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What is the price of a home wind power system?

Apr 18, 2018

When selecting a household wind power generation system, usually more care about the equipment price, but the main difference in the type and power of the household wind power generation system, power system of high efficiency market price can also be higher, or want to choose according to actual situation.

If the home wind power system is only used to provide electricity for light and television, the 400w vertical shaft small wind generator can be considered, which has low start-up wind speed and is used in most areas. It's also relatively reasonable about the price,

At present, the fruit on the market of household wind power generation system, a full set of equipment are in need of 5000 yuan, according to equipped with battery capacity and quality difference, the price also is different, for example, the rated power of 600 w is controlled in 600 yuan; In general, 3,000 watts is enough for the average family. A full set of household wind power systems costs about 2,000 yuan.

Specific said household wind power generation system is what price, it depends on how many your home appliances, all appliances take the lead to work out the total energy, and then choose wind turbines, it is best to choose the maglev small wind turbines, because of the high power generation efficiency.

The above price for household wind power generation system are derived from the network, for reference only, concrete price will be subject to when buy, can detailed consulting relevant enterprises, not only can obtain accurate products quotation, also can buy suitable for household wind power generation system.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/