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What happend after combining maglev?

Jul 29, 2017

There are many differences between Maglev generator and permanent generator.

The successful development of maglev wind generator is based on the maglev technology, but also combine motor engineering, power machinery, aviation and air engineering, design, practical design, wind tunnel test, computer simulation fractions and so on, so that it can meet all Kinds of power supply demands.

Combining with the super magnet magnetic force, the motor coil is suspended in a certain space, without any mechanical friction in the case, relies on the wind driving the motor rotation and cuts the magnetic field lines to generate current stored in the battery.

It works efficiently with low wind speed. The material is light aluminum alloy, titanium, stainless steel fasteners and other light special materials, The poles will be longer life.

At present, this advanced wind turbine has been widely used in urban and rural road lighting, courtyard lighting, landscape lighting, advertising light boxes, traffic lights, road speed power supply, unattended monitoring equipment and power supply from the power grid ,and brings a lot of convenience.