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What design is used for 1000 w small wind turbines?

Jun 03, 2019

The 1000 w small wind turbine has a low starting wind speed. The motor adopts a 12-pole matching number of slots. The special magnetic circuit design reduces the cogging torque and greatly reduces the starting torque. The stator slots are chutes, the chutes and the magnets on the rotor are diagonally opposite each other, which reduces the attractive force between them, and the rotor does not work so hard, which reduces the torque of the rotor.


The 1000 w small wind turbine blade design is formed by one-time casting of the mold, the blade is balanced, the balance rate is up to 99%, the weight is light, and the installation is easy. Because our stator uses silicon steel sheet with low iron loss. Because the silicon steel sheet is very light, it also reduces the power loss of the generator.


The 1000 w small wind turbine tail is treated with ribs and has the function of resisting typhoon. The motor interface is also treated with ribs for high safety. Because we use a cast carbon brush with a life of 100,000 times, it can effectively reduce the carbon brush contact resistance.