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What conditions should be met by the blades in a 200 w wind turbine

Apr 29, 2019

The design of blades in 200 w wind turbines directly affects the conversion efficiency of wind energy, directly affecting its annual power generation, and is an important part of wind energy utilization. The most basic and critical components of the blade 200 w wind turbine, its good design, reliable quality and superior performance are the decisive factors to ensure the normal and stable operation of the unit.


Due to the harsh environment and long-term operation, the 200 w wind turbine requires light weight and optimum fatigue strength and mechanical properties to withstand extreme conditions such as storms and random loads. The elasticity of the blade, the inertia of the rotation and the vibration frequency characteristic curve are normal, and the load stability transmitted to the entire power generation system is good. It is not allowed to download and release the centrifugal force in the case of uncontrolled, and it must not be used in the wind pressure. Breaking down, or generating a strong resonance of the entire wind turbine caused by the speed below the speed of the vehicle.


The material of the 200 w wind turbine blade must ensure that the surface is smooth to reduce wind resistance, and the rough surface will be “teared” by the wind; no strong electromagnetic interference and light reflection should be generated; excessive noise is not allowed; corrosion resistance, ultraviolet radiation Good performance with lightning strikes; lower cost and lowest maintenance costs.www.titanwindturbine.com