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What are the obvious advantages of vertical wind turbines

Jun 09, 2019

At present, wind turbines have been developed for many years, basically forming two horizontal and vertical axis power generation modes. At present, most of the domestic horizontal wind turbine power generation systems, especially high-power power generation systems are basically horizontal axes, mainly It is related to the level of manufacturing. But in fact, the advantages of vertical wind turbines are even more obvious.


Vertical wind turbines are assembled under the tower, and the overall center of gravity is low, making it easier to adapt to complex environments and large-scale, after all, installation and maintenance are convenient. The blade rotates in a simple cylindrical shape and theoretically accepts wind energy in all directions. The power generation should be higher without the use of a wind device.


Vertical wind turbines have low noise. Generally, they can generate electricity in a dozen revolutions. 200 rpm is already rated speed. Generally, the wind speed can be generated in the range of 1-28 m/s. The rotation speed is low, and it will not affect the ecology or lubricant. . The small turning radius saves more space and can accommodate more equipment.


Vertical wind turbines have very low wind resistance, and can work under 50m/s typhoon; the generator output curve is hard, and the output power is higher than the horizontal axis in the range of wind speed 5-9m/s. About 20%. It is also simple to control, and does not need to be suitable for the yaw system to drive the blade operation, the brake system is simple.www.titanwindturbine.com