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What are the different driving modes of small wind turbines and whether they have wind vane or not?

Aug 15, 2017

We will learn more about small wind generators.

1.Whether small wind turbine generators can meet the requirements of small power appliances?

It can provide enough power to low power appliances, and can work with solar panels together.

2.Are there any differences between semi - direct drive and direct drive in small wind turbines?

Semi direct drive and direct drive of the two driving modes, there is obvious difference in small wind generator,, because the semi direct drive can be considered as indirect drive, a gear box, but the volume is relatively small, and the transmission ratio is small. The direct drive is for direct drive without the use of gearboxes.

3.What kind of motor does a small wind turbine use? What is the key to the use of three rectifiers? Besides, does it have a vane?

In general, the permanent magnet generators is used in small wind turbines because of its high efficiency. In this type of wind turbine, the main attention is to withstand voltage and current limit requirements when we use three rectifiers,

In small wind turbines, there is no wind vane, but through simple fan tail fins to face the wind. And large wind turbines, which have a vane,are controlled by the PLC yaw. So this is one of the differences between small and large wind turbines.