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What are the daily maintenance matters of vertical wind generator?

Sep 08, 2018

The reliability of vertical wind generator is very high, and it does not need regular maintenance. However, for the whole system of one fan, one tower and one output circuit, timely inspection and maintenance are needed to ensure the normal operation of the system. The first step is to check whether the cable of the vertical wind generator tower is loose and tensioned in a timely manner.


At the same time, check whether each connection point of vertical wind generator transmission line is firm, and check and maintain the battery regularly according to the maintenance requirements. When vertical wind turbines are rotating at high speed, the wind wheel should rotate in the plane direction. Do not stand and do other work to prevent the blades from flying and hurting people.


Vertical wind generator should be separately wired, and can not be mixed with other lines. Dc power supply is recommended for lighting, and ac power output from inverter can be used for household appliances. When the electrical box is connected, the battery is connected first, then the generator output line, and then the battery pack is disconnected.


The stop switch of the electrical box of vertical wind generator is usually at the starting position, when the battery is fully charged or when the power is temporarily shut down in case of severe storm, only the wind wheel is slowly moved to the shutdown position, and the toggle switch is not allowed at high speed. The fan shall not operate without load to prevent high-speed rotation from damaging the blade.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/